Monday, February 10, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 2-10-14

Already into week 7.  Amazing how fast time goes by.  I feel older by the minute now-a-days.

I hope to put the backing together for the leaves piece, I am now calling it Sorrows of the Frozen Forest for the fact that the retreat was cancelled due to a pipe bursting in the main room and flooding the hallways to the rooms. 

I am looking to my next Masters Painting Series.  I need a better name for it.  I am intrepreting some interesting paintings in fabric.  I am loving it and want to try some more Matisse and some other artists.  A friend has some interesting art pieces in his office featuring the relationship between man nd woman.  He has a new poster from an  exhibit.  I spent all of last week googling Paulo Longo and trying every convolution of his name.  I barged in on Monday with my camera to take a photo of the darned name!

There are 5 or 6 Matisse prints I want to work on.  And LeeAnn came up with an idea that naturally  have to look into.

She is a member of a  local group that chooses an artist each month to intrepret.  They meet in Massachusetts so I can't make those meetings!  LOL.  That drive would be a killer!

We tossed around the creation of an online group.  Limited number of people.  Or not. Intrepreting an artist, any of their works, in small format as opposed to a large quilt thing.

In my Fiber Exploration Group, we have 6 people and work small.  It works well.  No matter how busy we are, a small 8 x 10 piece is doable.  Of course, there are no punishments if you don't have a piece that month!

Would anyone be interested?  Art and quilting.  What could be more exciting!

And don't you just want to have a Klimt Kiss?

For Valentines Day?


  1. I would love to do an online group like that! I'm in if you get a few people to do it, would be fun :-) I'm working on my matisse right now that you inspired me to do. coming out so so but it's fun :-) Your leaves quilt is gorgous but I have already told you that - may I say it again? Your leaves quilt is gorgous! please, please! keep it away from McGee

  2. The glimpse of your leaves is what brought me over here. Really like it. I don't think I want to commit to a group, but Matisse idea is interesting. I could especially see some of he later cut paper work for a quilt or pillow.

  3. What a fun group that would be. Not sure I would produce but I sure could rubber neck!


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