Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quick Stash Report Week 6 Maybe? 2-9-14

I think this is week 6, a quick look at Judy's blog will tell you if that is correct.

I did use a bit up on those two baby quilts and bought nothing!  Yes!  Another successful week!  See, I told you Carrie was not going to show up to work on any of those quilts......yep.

And check out my architectural piece in the post just prior to this.  I didn't use any of the fabric fabric, but I like it.

Used this week -1.5
bought this week 0
plus or minus -1.5

Used this month -13.25
bought this month 0
plus or minus -13.25

Total for 2014
used this year -36.18
bought this year 3.5
plus or minus -32.68

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