Monday, February 17, 2014

Design Wall Monday 2-17-14

Whew!  The Krewe of Mutts behind us now, now I can breath quilting again!  LOL.

I am putting the two white bassets side by side with McGee.  I must say, while they are pretty, McGee has a much prettier head.  It is longer than any of the ones I saw today on any of the bassets.  Until I got McGee I had never seen a mostly white basset, only the tri color kind like Chloe.

Cleopatra and Jared
But at the parade I actually saw 5 of them!  Can you believe that?  Here are two I took Sunday at the parade - Cleopatra and (get this) Jared.........Jared?

They were certainly FATTER than McGee, he runs too much for any fat to stick to those long ribs!

Design Wall --  I have to get several things on the long arm and quilted.  that is what I want to do this week.  I have two boxes of tops that need backings and quilting.  Maybe I can actually get something done.

My Matisse Lady hung at the GSQA show this weekend.  I was dealing with the parade and didn't get to the meeting, I wonder how it went!

And I think I have a retreat this weekend coming up.   I hope the Retreat Center fixed their water damage from the big freeze!


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  1. The parade looks like it was a lot of fun for all! Are you going to have any tops left for the annual quilt throwndown in June?


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