Sunday, February 16, 2014


Looks like Hugeaux
Belting out the Anthem
Whew ! My part in the parade is behind me for a few months, until we start to work on next year!  The theme of Semper Fideaux has been a complete and wonderful happy success! 

My knee is killing me!  But considering I have been on it since 7:30 AM and it is now about 2:30 PM I think it is OK.  I will deal with that tomorrow.
Cleopatra and Jared -go figure
Baby Carriage

We sold all our T-Shirts, and I upsold 90%

of my sales to keep the change as a donation to our Mardi Gras Money Match.  You just have to ask. 

Julie taking pictures of the winners
I am not a great fan of designer breeds creating more mixed breed dogs, but this golden doodle is kinda cute.

Great Dane
You just see the most amazing people and the most amazing dogs.  Lots of our CAAWS dogs who have been adopted into loving homes come back and play with us. 

Our volunteers work hard and long and the kids from LSU and Southern Universities love to come and help with selling t-shirts and walking with my sandwich boards!  they were troopers, even though the thought i was nuts asking them to put those signs on.

Here are some photos I took when I wasn't bringing in money for Spay and Neuter work!
I love a man in  uniform!
Makes me cry we have to send dogs and men to war

Mari doing interviews

Spangly Poodles

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  1. Great pics! So glad all your hard work paid off :-) look at that mastif, they intrigue me although I couldn't handle a drooler. And the Great Dane! And those two guys with that dog ears hat and the poodles -ha! I think after awhile people start to look like their dogs.


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