Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Many hours of hard work go into making quilts and it is not really rewarding to make something that you are not completely happy with or that has materials and colors that you don’t like or that do not blend well with the intended  display area."

This is a statement from a page in Quilting 101.  I can honestly say I have never thought about creating a quilt based upon where it will be displayed.  But it makes prefect sense.  If I wanted to create a quilt to hang in my foyer, a really bright modern quilt would not look good there.  My foyer has ducks and cattails.  (WAAAAAAAY before Duck Dynasty.  But I do have dinner a couple times a month with a Duck Dynasty Cousin and her husband!)

 Maybe a funky duck quilt would fit in, in heather-y colors. 

So you really do need to consider your space and also your recipient when you make a quilt.  But you know what?

This is what hangs in my duck foyer!  LOL.  I maybe need to rethink this, huh?


  1. Love the color in that quilt and the perspective and line and everything!...
    I think I would repaint the Foyer ...yep that's what I would do. And yes I have chosen wall colors by what quilts I want to hang and change thru the year.

  2. To me, it's the difference between creating art and decorating–both are valid approaches to designing a quilt, but one is art and the other is decorating ... If you were choosing a painting to add to your collection, would you choose it based on the color of your sofa or how you reacted emotionally to the work?

    I love everything about your Eiffel Tower--the perspective and the colors are fantastic.

  3. The quilt is great! But it's true you aren't showing it off to its full potential. Wouldn't it look so good against a plum colored wall? Which is easier, making a duck quilt for the wall or redoing the foyer. Do I see a portrait of Uncle Cye in your future? Lol!

  4. Sure do love that Eiffel Tower!! Beautiful!


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