Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Devil's Lense

 After dinner........oh yes, dinner!  It was amazing.  The pork chops were thick and fresh from the Farmers Market.  I browned the. In som nice quality olive oil.  I added two cups of water mixed with a bit of Duck Commander wine.

Pressured it up for 20 minutes

Then I added a sliced apple, two cubed sweet potatoes with their skins on and some nutmeg/ cinnamon/ginger mixed in some brown sugar.

Pressured it up for another 12 minutes and it was dished out on my dinner plates and we supped in goodness!!!  My, it was some good!!!

But I digress.

After dinner, frank babysat the Basset Boyz and I got into the sewing room and made these babies!!!

These are the same blocks, just rearranged a bit. So similar yet so different.

There is a plan.......can you see it?


  1. The chops look delish! Can't see the plan. I guess I will have to wait and see!

  2. I don't see the plan either :-/ I see some ying and yang though, or is it yin and yang. Well you know what I mean :-)
    I do see some wine called duck - don't tell me it's duck dynasty - lol!


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