Friday, February 21, 2014

What I Just Did.......the Chicken Dance!

I just signed up for a Photoshop Elements  class with a friend of mine, who is a professional photographer.  She teaches classes on any number of subjects and I have wanted to take several and never have.

Several of the art quilters use Photoshop elements in their work.  I am impressed with their ability to manipulate photos and make incredible pieces of work.  Combine that with the need to improve my abilities with new and wonderful things........and there you have it.  A new class.

I also  want to take her digital photography class, and her lighting class, and her nature photography know how that goes.  Once you find something, you want to immerse yourself in it.

So here is what I did last night:

 This is the first time I am doing block specific free motion with no worries about marking or pattern.  Just do it!

This worked against me in the very first Hens and Chicks block because I had not refined the idea yet and it was a "work in progress" shall we say.

Yes, that is what we will call it.

Of course, the work is not perfect, certainly not show quality.  The Chicken Dance was in one of the early magazines I subscribed to, most likely McCalls or Love of Quilting.  I named it The Chicken Dance, because I like weird names (notice the Forest of Frozen Sorrows) and I can't remember what they called in the magazine.   But I did like it, I still like it.

There is one more problem.  I used heavy duty fusible, not knowing the difference at the time.  And it was what i had.  And the chickens and the apples are thick.  I am thinking that if I wash the quilt a few times it will soften??

Any thoughts?


  1. We're you able to quilt it? Usually that heavy fusible does a number to your needle and gums it all up.(not that I have ever made the same mistake - oh no) I never have washed fusible, it gets all wierd on me. I do so love the chicken dance though. You are old enough to remember on the am radio - CHICKEN MAN!!! He's everywhere, he's everywhere. Remember that? Lol!


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