Friday, February 21, 2014

Off the Wall Friday

Oh, is it Friday again???  So let's see.  I have to show you the fish.

I should have thought take pictures all the way through, but I was too busy concentrating.  The March Challenge theme for my Fiber exploration group is Aquatic.

That is pretty wide open.  I will do the page sized piece later but I wanted to play a bit with the theme.  I had seen a zipper pouch in the shape of a fish, but it was really complicated.  So I went online and did some more research coming up with a different fish.

I changed up her design a bit and then had to change my fabric from the fraying upholstery piece to the black scale-y looking one.  But I ended up liking that better with the metallic gold fins.

He needs some eyes still, but don't you love this?   The next one will be better, his tail needs a design tweak.  From the first one, I have a better understanding of the construction,  I do have a couple of changes that will get me closer to the one I wanted to do.

Don't you love his zippered mouth with that sideways grin???  Tell me what you think of my black fish zipper pouch.

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  1. You need "Jaws" music to play with your fish pic!! He turned out cute! Have you named him?

  2. I thought who did a fish poach??? Well Glen of course!! Very cool!

  3. This is totally fabulous! I can just imagine you pulling it out of a tote and pouring gold from his mouth!!

  4. I can imagine a little boy keeping match-box cars inside that fish ... or a grown woman with a fun attitude using it for a cosmetic bag. It's really cute.

  5. He/she is terrific. Looks like a wide mouth bass, maybe? Great choice of fabric.


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