Tuesday, March 4, 2014

African Women Give Rocks

That is the back, those large circles.

When I saw the large circles I knew exactly where it needed to live!  

It ha the same exact colors as the front.  The piece was a great find at a quilt shop that had 50% then 60% then 70% off sales as she was getting rid of inventory and moving to a smaller place.  She has since closed.  But I got some fabulous deals!

Here is a close up.  The quilt is 75 x 65.  So the circles are pretty large, like 5 a
nd 7 inches across. 

I love the colors in this quilt!  And I love the women on the border.  They just doing their thing and they give rocks about everything else!


  1. That fabric was destined to be the back of that quilt! I don't know how you could have used anything better!

  2. What a great quilt... love the energy of it!


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