Sunday, March 23, 2014

Design Wall 3-24-14

My design wall remains the same as last week since I was at death's door with these allergies that turned into a horrible chest cold.  I am slowly getting better, I believe now I will not die at this time.  Although it was doubtful on Friday and Saturday if I would survive the weekend.

After I posted my Stash Report I went online to look for backings for two of the quilts I want to finish.  I have lots and lots of fabric, but not large yardages.  And certainly not in the colors I needed for the Machine or for KerBloom.

KerBloom was the one I picked up at the International Quilt Show in Houston in 2012 and put together on the retreat in 2013.  The fabric is large sweeping blooms from Stephanie Brandenburg of Frond Designs.  All her stuff drew me in with its deep rich colors and large splashes of design.  In the KerBloom quilt she has you cut the panels into 4 section, which seems sacrilegious to do if you have ever seen these beauties. 

See those jeans are black, I wonder where they are now?  I cannot find them anywhere.   But I digress.

Risking the broken record syndrome, this week I need to put the borders on the Machine and work on Japanese Magnolias and maybe another baby quilt for Carrie's friend.

Oh, the kid's moved their furniture into storage, but are staying in the house until Wed when they go to the act of sale.  Then they will most likely be here until his momma gets her room redone.  And then stay there during the weekend and here during the week.  Confusing, you say?  Yes, and I am living it!!!!!


  1. I am glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. love it!! really like the layout.

  3. Wow!!!! absolutely beautiful!!! Glad you didn't die...we like you and your cool work! :)

  4. Kerbloom is beautiful! I have a couple of those panels, I don't think I could cut them!


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