Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You Gotta Be Kidding Me. It Fell Off?

Frank came home sick.

You would think the world is ending.

Maybe it is.  But at least they think they found the plane.  Maybe.

OK, a funny.

While we were in the class yesterday, Michael was using my machine to demo how to sew the sashing on the long bias sides of the huge middle diamond. It requires two hands.

As he was starting the seam, the end cap of my machine falls off.  Falls off!  Right on to the middle diamond!  All 6 of us just stood there and stared at the open end of the machine without moving.

We were in shock.  No one had ever seen that happen before.  Ever.

Finally, Michael turns and looks at me, with a totally straight face and says, I broke your machine.  We lost it.

He finished his demo with the guts of the machine hanging out, and we all got to see how  machine works.  Like that clear machine at the Houston Quilt Show.

It is always interesting when you invite me to your event.  I should hire myself out as the entertainment.


  1. OMG!!! Wha-what???! That was a good story, AND I hope your machine is ok now!

  2. That sounds like Michael alright!

  3. I thought your streak of problems would be coming to an end, but NO you continue to be challenged with wacky stuff by the universe!. Did you get the cap back on the machine? Was there a screw missing or does it just snap on?


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