Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Diamonds from Michael Young

Here are some places you can find Michael Young.

It is worth looking at sites that have his work.  He is an ncredible fiber artist, kimono creator, teacher, and quilter.

I made it all day long without dying or making them feel like they were with Typhoid Mary.   I took a lot of cough medicine and managed not to cough.....much.

Since Frank was out of town I had to deal with the dogs by myself.  Three is a chore on a good day, four was tough on a bad day.  I did come home at lunch and get them bones and bathroom breaks.  McGee and DiNozzo got in some sun time before i had to head back to class.

And to add to the misery, I bent down to latch the gate on McGee's crate and felt my back go out.  I was in serious pain.  All day.  Miserable.  No matter what I did, I could not move it back in alignment.

Ibuprofen just didn't even touch it.

Was t worth it?  You bet!

He approved my choice of fabrics.  He liked them!   I was happy.

I could have made this quilt without him but he gave us some tips that made it easier.  And that was worth double the price of admission.   I am loving this quilt so far.   know what I will change, I need some diversity in my small diamond sashing.  But that is  because I am so afraid of my choices that I wanted to close myself in with fabrics.  I know, trust myself!

This is what  I have so far.  I know it is not much but it is a lot of work to get the diamonds cut out, the flange placed, the sashing made and the two types of half triangles put together.

And yes, there are Y seams!  Lots of them.  You should have heard the moaning and complaining.    didn't  complain one iota.  My aches and pains and coughing was noting compared to what Michael was going through.  He had another round of chemo yesterday and was here teaching today.  Amazing.  This is his third bout with cancer.  And he is still fighting.

 I had nothing to complain about.


  1. No matter how crappy things get someone else has it worse . This Michael sounds like a gem . Take care of yourself

  2. Good grief girl - now your back? I wish I was not 2000 miles away and could give you a helping hand. You had to be highly motivated to get thru a day like Tuesday and feel so good about what you accomplished. Good for you! Michael and you are both troopers to get thru such a day!


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