Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cinco de Mayo Fabric Indulgence

Well, I did it.

I will have to count up the yards before I post this so you can see how totally bad I was!  LOL.

27 yards it was..........yep.  27 yards.

But it was such a good deal.  And not all of it was for me.  One yard goes to PattyA.  So there, not all for me.

A nice black and white and red collection.  A yard of those pianos go to PattyA.  they just looked like her!

At first I didn't intend for these to go together, but they just might have to!  I am considering mentioning the guitars to PattyA.

 I went with the intention of getting only solids.  So this Ombre is a nice addition to solids.  Don't you think?

And I wasn't going to get any of these but Tracy and Paula FORCED me to get them.  I think they wanted to see just how hight they could run my total.

And you just can't leave dots behind.


 Just sayin'.

And how in the world did these two cool colors get  in my bag?


PattyA. Did I out spend you?  LOL


  1. You did buy more yardage than me! I came home with 24 5/8 yards. You got some great stuff! I need to go shopping with you! I don't know if I have that guitar fabric or not. I will have to go home and look. I did have a small piece of the piano fabric which I used in a quilt for Hugh Laurie - yes, Dr. House - but it is a good one to have for future musicians I may need to make a quilt for so I will be glad to have this piece for my stash! Humm? what can I send you? I will have to look around ....

  2. What a haul! Just think of all the money you saved buying it on sale.


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