Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 1 - 52 Photos

Fire was the prompt.  Fire, I thought.  How do I get fire when is is not cold enough for a fire in the fireplace?

I really could not think of how to get a photo of fire.  I knew I had to get really creative.  Really creative.

My mind raced with possibilities. A quilt would take too long to make and I didn't have any fabric depicting fire.  I thought about how the sun sets in the evening at the end of a long street in front of our house.  Sometimes the sun creates a breathtaking golden glow in the sky.  But that didn't happen.

Monday was a hectic day.  I didn't have a chance to pull supper together so Frank suggested my favorite dinner:  Dairy Queen Chili Dog and Confetti Cake Blizzard.  When I got out of the car, there it was...........FIRE!

At Dairy Queen I found my fire!

You can find how others found their fire at the 52 Photos Blog with Bella, my new best friend!


  1. You could have watched the news and taken a photo of the wildfires they have been showing out west. Granted you might not have many choices, but it could have been an option. I had some super cool fire fabric I bought several years ago and use it in a quilt. I will send you a picture. I like the fire you found! That is a very cool sconce!

  2. Oh how cool is that! See...all things work out! Neat sconce idea.

  3. Cool! That was perfect!
    PS - I couldn't find the Yahoo choice for comments in the blog section when I got home. Still anonymous - wah wah


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