Thursday, May 8, 2014

Holy Microwave!

In 1979 we moved from Kenner LA (a suburb of New Orleans) to Hammond, LA (just across Lake Pontchartrain) and purchased our first microwave oven.  Radar Range they called it.

We were the envy of all our friends.  And we could cook popcorn in 3 minutes, potatoes in 8 minutes and water in mere milliseconds.  And I learned to cook everything in it.

When it died in 1990-something I had a young Carrie, a high pressure job, a hubby who was always out of town and little time to cook.  So I bought another one and became Microwave Cook Master!

Well. That microwave died last night.  And we missed our popcorn last night.  Then Frank couldn't defrost his blueberries for his cereal.  And I couldn't make my English Breakfast Tea.  And that is just in 12 hours!

So I need a new one fast!



Disaster Averted!


  1. The new microwave is beautiful! It is funny how you get so use to things that when they break you really miss them!

  2. Lol...It's amazing how we get use to our devices! Thank goodness for electricity!


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