Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cows and Spaghetti

Cows II are the ones with the circles. This one is my favorite, so I don't know why i did the other one first.  Sometimes we just treat our loved ones like stepchildren!

However, I did give this one some star treatment.  Since the cow blocks have set in circles I decided to do random loop de loops for the quilting.  this is more dramatic than just those staid meanders.  Loopies are fun and exciting.  Well, maybe not so exciting, but it was easy to do them on this quilt.  I sometimes back myself into a corner with the meanders, but with the loop de loops I can always work myself out with just a loopy change in direction.

The other thing I did for these cows is the middle layer.  I had some nice thick flannel that fit the size of this quilt perfectly.   So inside these cuddly cows is some nice thick three-times-washed-in-hot-hot-hot-water flannel.

I really like the way flannel instead of  batting feels inside a quilt I am going to use on the sofa
watching TV.   It drapes, it is soft and it is not so hot that I smother in the humidity or our Louisiana nights.  Of course, we do have certain luxuries like air conditioning now.

One of the tools I use with the long arm is this.  Know what that is?  A spaghetti server.  Yep.

I use it with every quilt.  As long as the quilt is on the frame, or being put on the frame or coming off the frame I use this handy dandy tool.  Can you imagine what for?

I cannot reach the cord for the blinds and the fingers on the spaghetti server is perfect for grabbing the cord!!!  I can look out, the dogs can look out.  I can get natural light in the room to quilt by. 

Yes, that spaghetti server is one important tool for quilting!

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  1. LOL! You DO love your tools. :D A great way to start my day!


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