Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spools and a Plan for the Stripes

I really don't like square quilts so this is my solution to not have a square quilt.

Right now it is about 50 x 73.  Each spool is 10 inches.  It needs black borders on both sides, top and bottom.  The spacers in the middle are 3 1/2 inches finishing at 3 inches.

I  have plans for the stripes that are winging their way to me from Ohio.  I have for a long, long time wanted to do this.  I have been collection
stripes, and this will put me over the top.

I am not sure if all my stripes will match like this one does.  I think it is Kaffe Fasset's pattern.

Of course, I won't make it square! LOL!


  1. So you didn't make the square striped blocks? I have a couple of stripes I didn't send you because I didn't think they would make good "thread" for the spools, but now that you are using them for the square stripe blocks I have a few more I could send! Is a FQ big enough? I really like the striped square quilt. I have a lot of stripes so I just might have to make me one!

  2. Wow! A lofty goal :-) you are definitely not a "square person " maybe abit off center :-) and in my world that is high praise


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