Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dr. Phil and the Breach of Dog Gate Infraction

Don't you love Dr. Phil?  Sometimes I get tired of the news pundits in the background of my day so I turn to Dr. Phil.  Mostly the TV is running in the background and I am doing other things while it is just talking to itself.  Every once in a while he says something that perks my interest.....mostly it is about making husbands better.  LOL.

Today he says.....sometimes you make good decisions, sometimes you have to make the decision good.

I love it.  It applies in both life and quilting.

It gives you a pass if you don't make just the right decision.  It says that nothing is undo-able, well some things are, but you know what I mean.  You can always work to make things right again.

It makes me think that I don't always have to be perfect perfect, I can make the best decision I can, and tweak it as it needs.  And still be the best person I can be.  I don't have to hang my head at my shame in making the wrong decision.  Move to make it work.

See my  beautiful flowers?
Red and white flowers
In quilting, sometimes we choose the wrong fabric (or the wrong pattern),  There is always the good old seam ripper.  How I am familiar with that tool!  The difference between life and quilting though is that when you rip out the offending fabric, no one knows what the original looked like.  In life, you may not be that lucky.  People may remember that bad decision, even when you have made it better.  Many of us have to work to regain trust or ask for forgiveness. 

I am wishing I could have saved that toilet
paper roll.  It was a total loss.  We had a Breach of Dog Gate Infraction this

We-Know-Who was upset that I would not give him part of the Italian Sausage I was cooking.  He had demanded a tasty link right before the heinous act.

Do you think McGee was the one who sent the flowers?

Frank is coming home tonight..........maybe I can do some sewing tonight
and HE can monitor the Dog Gates.



  1. At least it wasn't the gate to the fabric!

  2. Only uptight fools are perfect and you are (thank god) not one of them. Embrace the bumps of life and give McGee a big ol' kiss

  3. The flowers are beautiful! Do you get out the shop vac to clean up all the TP? What a mess!


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