Wednesday, June 25, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 8 - in Fight

In Flight.

If you look at the various interpretations on the blog page already you will see all the things I have thought about all week.  Those mergansers in flight against the mountains in Alaska would be perfect.

Planes streaming across the expanse of the sky.  This is a seaplane landing in Juneau Alaska.

 Flying into Calgary on an incredibly beautiful day.


Butterflies in my garden.


All thoughts in my head.   But I wanted to think outside the box.  I thought of my sweet sweet boy Dutch who is now an angel dog flying in my dreams. 

But........I can't imagine anything more exciting than this photo.  It is of a dog who was rescued by CAAWS and given to me to bring back to life.  DiNozzo was nearly starved to death, so thin and weak.  But when his huge sad eyes met mine, I knew he would make it and never leave my side.

What you see in this photo is the joie de vivre of a dog who would not be alive today had he not been handed to me 2 1/2 years ago.   And it is true, he never leaves my side.

Except for the car, he throws up in the car so he sits in the very backseat!


  1. Awesome about DiN! What's nit to love about a Bassett? And has to be THE CUTEST BREED PUPPY on the planet!

  2. You captured some some great moments here, especially the butterfly and your dog DNozzo in "flight." I also loved reading the poetic post, which touched me when you told us about how you rescued DNozzo. Blessings!

  3. I agree DiNozzo is the best example of flight! I just love those ears!

  4. Awe wow! Great photos. I love DiNozzo's photo the best because all the others are expected to fly!

  5. Love DiNozzo. That is the pic of absolute happiness.


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