Sunday, July 27, 2014

Actually thinking about Quilting

I must be getting better. I'm actually thinking about quilting.

Saturday night went out to dinner with Press and Ann.  Tonight we went out to dinner with Dee and Greg. That's two nights in a row I've been out about an hour and a half each.  That's about all I can handle.

My knee surgery doesn't hurt but the cellulitis certainly does still affect me.  There's no visible evidence of the cellulitis any longer. So everyone thinks that it's gone.   But I still feel the nerve endings tingling, sort of like you have a burn on your skin.  It doesn't really hurt but it sure is annoying. I still can't stand to have anything touch the skin on that leg where the cellulitis was.

The physical therapist told me that skin heals fairly well in about a week to 10 days. That bones begin to heal from two weeks and continue for about eight weeks. But nerve endings take the longest, up to two years.  And while my skin and bones are certainly not perfectly healed, they are by far more healed than the nerve endings!

The ortho PA told me that the first three weeks of knee surgery are the worst. I have two weeks behind me so I have one more week.  But actually the knee doesn't hurt me. And my physical therapy is doing well. Can't really walk with the straight leg but I'm getting a pretty straight leg and my exercises.  I think I'm doing well

And today was the first time that I thought that I'd like to be Quilting!  Unfortunately my room needs to be thoroughly straightened up before I can even dream of getting in there.

  I need elves.  Quilt room cleaning elves!!!!  The kind that come in in the middle the night and straighten things up like In the fairytales.

Maybe I will wake up in the morning and they will have been here now that I've called them out.  Sigh.........

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  1. Woo hoo! You must be feeling much better. I think you should definitely recruit some elves to help with the quilting room while you are still recovering and likely to find them more amenable to the idea ...


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