Sunday, July 6, 2014

Three Days Till D-Day

Image for DEWALT-DC759KA from Acme ToolsHe has assured me that I will not feel a thing!,0&resMode=sharp&op_usm=0.9,0.5,0,0I told Bo that when they go out to talk to Frank to just tell him the facts.  there was no need to describe anything or go into major details or anything.  The doc justsmiled and said, Oh, he must be an engineer!  (Just the facts, ma'am, don't bother me with the details!)

I told Dr. Gorgeous that I wanted to be totally asleep and not know anything that he is doing.  I wanted to be out, out, out!

Off in La La Land and I didn't want to hear the drills, hammers, saws or staple guns.   Or whatever else he had in there.

My new knee will be the newest thing out there.   And because I am allergic to  nickel, it will be zirconium!  Like they sell on QVC!

How fun!

What is OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium?

Oxinium Knee The femoral - or thighbone portion - of your implant will be made from OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium - a patented and award winning ceramicised metal alloy that Smith & Nephew spent more than a decade developing.

During manufacture, OXINIUM implants undergo a process that transforms the implant's surface into a hard, ceramicised metal - while still retaining all of the durability of the underlying metal. In addition to being more durable than a true ceramic, this metal implant's ceramicised surface is more than twice as hard and therefore twice as resistant to the kind of scratching that can cause a cobalt chrome implant to wear out before its time.

Also, unlike cobalt chrome, the OXINIUM material contains almost no nickel (< 0.0035% vs. ≥ than 0.5%) and is therefore biocompatible for patients with metal allergy or metal sensitivity.

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  1. Smith and Nephew has a huge location not far from our house. DH has visited there for work - you can rest assured their facilities are top notch and clean beyond belief! Wishing you well!!!!


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