Sunday, September 14, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 19 - the Dog Walker

This last week has been lost.  I meant to get up every week and take a photo of my own dog walker.  And of the dogs he walks.  Up  until my knee got bad a year ago, we walked a mile each morning and again at night.  Those walks kept everyone slim and trim. 

When my knee got worse,  we cut our walks to half mile, then I  stopped going in the morning, and then the evening.  Now it has been 2 months since the knee
replacement and I am not quite ready to start walking my 2 miles again, but it I am getting close to easing back into walking again.

I offer you, Frank and the Basset Boyz  -  DiNozzo and McGee.  NCIS characters.  DiNozzo was a 10 month old rescue from a really bad situation where he was starving to death.  A year later 10 month old McGee came in  even worse shape.  I saved them both.  And McGee repays me to this day by eating whatever he can get his mouth on when  I leave the room.

DiNozzo just looks at me with total adoration and love.  He exists only to please me.

So different from the same backgrounds. 

I actually have three bassets, Chloe the Smelly Basset is the 10 year
old matriarch.  What she says goes.  And when she wants to join the walk, she does.  When she wants to sleep undisturbed through the walk, she does.  And when she wants to go on a walk and sleep half way around the block, she does that too!

But I love all three of them.

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  1. Lucky hounds! I'm still waiting for a Duckie, Gibbs, or Abby. Think how dull life would be without the naughty McGee.


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