Monday, September 15, 2014

The Bed!

Oh!  The bed!  Amazing!  Haven't you been curious if I have vibrated myself into oblivion yet?  LOL

Well not yet.  I got a call Friday about 6:30 pm from the mattress place and they said due to having more orders then available production from the factory,  they were unable to get my mattress in for the scheduled Saturday delivery.  They suggested we set the next date for Thursday but it could come in for a Tuesday delivery.

I was not a happy camper.  I said go for Tuesday and change if necessary!!

This is what we are sleeping on since dismantling the bed, sending the mattress to Matt and putting the box spring out on the carport!

We got the box spring back inside an added the tent pads, 8 quilts on each side

and the sleeping bag all piled up to try to make it comfortable.  All I can say is, it is not the floor!  It is bad that your bed is lower than the Basset hounds!!!

Yes, I could cancel the bed and buy from another company, but the it would be another two week wait......geez!

 But the Ellies quilt shows off well!


  1. I hope it's worth the wait. I'll be curious to see how it is to sleep on a vibrating bed . All I have for experience us cack in the 70's in some cheesy motel where you put in a quarter and the bed shakes for 5 minutes. I'm sure they've come a long way . Probably digital now with degrees of vibration .

  2. See there is a reason why you have all those quilts! I hope your bed comes soon!


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