Wednesday, September 17, 2014

52 Photos - gallery 20 - End of the Season

Ahhh.  We live in Southern Louisiana.  The seasons don't change much!  But I loved what the weatherman said just this morning.  He said:  90's all week, and Friday ushers in the Fall season so we will be at 89!

We will have the lush green lawns maybe through December.  That means Frank still cuts the grass through December!  Although he may not have to cut every week, but it it rains that grass will jump up!

I can pick out some very subtle signs that say the season is changing.  I took a photo stroll around my yard.

The bird bath has caught some leaves that are beginning to fall.  We have a lot of trees in our large backyard and most of those leaves will fall eventually, giving us a really nice workout raking them up over 4 months. 

The colorful Coleus plants are sending out their flowers in preparation for the killing cold.  Not that we really get cold here, and they continue to grow though January or sometimes April when I pull them up.  I guess the shorter days signal the DNA of the plant to start the next generation though.

I even found an acorn from the oak tree.  There is an oak tree living around the corner that must be on steroids.  Its acorns are HUGE!  This tiny one pales in comparison to those honking big acorns. 

There were so many of those huge and beautiful acorns that I looked up how I could use them.  I considered making flour and cooking with them.  But then I read that acorn flour is very bitter and gave up the idea.

I can't wait to get some of those huge acorns again this year.  Not for food but for decorations!


  1. That is a funny note the weatherman gave to commemorate the seasonal change. I've lived in places where autumn wasn't a distinct season. Usually those places are warm or hot most months of the year, and that is nice too. Wishing you a good week!

  2. The signs are approaching here in Ohio that fall is coming. The shadows are long earlier in the day and a few leaves falling here and there.

  3. Pretty! The changes are subtle but beautiful. Thank you for adding to {End of the Season}!


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