Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Lorax Quilt

I am starting on the Lorax quilt.  She sent me a ton of Dr. Seuss fabric's to use.  Her intention was to have one quilt.  But she sent me two of the book panels, each from a different book.  So I had the brilliant idea to make her two quilts.  It would certainly surprise her!

If the colors had been similar it would have been more rational for me to fit them into one quilt.  But one is a lighter value than the other.  One is The Lorax and the other is Oh! The Places You Will Go!  The book panels are a bit different in size as well.  I can adjust with no problem but I wonder why they do that!

My personal favorite is Green Eggs and Ham closely followed by One Fish, Two Fish.  I think my all time favorite kid's book is Are You My Mother?  Carrie loved the Sesame Street books and I think we read Grover's Bad Awful Day a million times!  Did I mention that Carrie was going to grow up and marry either Burt or Ernie?  I think she ended up with a little of both!  LOL

I don't think I will need more fabrics, but if I do I can add from my solids stash.  I also  bought some Dr Seuss fabrics to make her some pillow cases.  Her mom, who is my friend, loves SpongeBob so i also got some SpongeBob fabrics for some pillows that can be kept at grandma's house!  That will surprise them as well!

I have one quilt easily mapped out.  But I want to use an irregular grid for the second quilt.   I am having difficulty laying it out in EQ so I am going to have to resort to the graph paper.  I think, though, it will go together like most of my quilts -- making a block to fit here and another to fit there!

 That is the fun part of designing these babies! 


  1. Looks like you are having fun. Enjoy!

  2. I thought about doing a Lorax quilt for my banned books quilt. Did you know the Lorax was banned somewhere? How absurd is that! I just downloaded the audiobook and will be listening as you are making the quilt . Crazy


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