Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lorax Design Frustrations

Don't get me wrong, I love this part of quilting.  I have a basic idea and I tweak it as I go.

I cut the block centers from the panel section.  I also cut 2 1/2 inch strips and used them to mock up a view of what it would look like when it was together.  Wow!  Overwhelming!  All the color and patterns really were fighting.

I needed some calm places to rest!  So I pulled some solids and added them into the mix.  It worked well to pull things together.

Once I got the blocks together and where i wanted them to live, I started working to add some width the the quilt top.  the two strips of blue and white got added in.

Then came the matter of the borders.  I tried a number of combinations but always, too busy, too much.

I pulled my go to  So I am testing a black stop border and

deciding what color the outer borders should be.

I still have enough of all the fabrics to use  as borders.

So........what do you think?

What else could I add?

What colors need to come in?

Is black too harsh?

Frank likes it.  And surprisingly, he likes the mish-mash of colors and patterns.  I guess I am more ordered than I thought!


  1. I love the black! It calls for red somewhere....

  2. Definately love the black and the blue after that. Try moving the two yellow blocks to their opposite corners, and then the dark blue opposite the dark green. Maybe not but worth a look. I like things balanced I guess :-) this is going to be great!


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