Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Might Just Sleep on a Bed Tonight!

cartoon bed Cartoon BedI called the mattress guy on Friday to see if they had gotten the bed base and could deliver on Saturday.  Nope, base still has not come in.

I calmly asked him to transfer me to a supervisor.  Not the store manager, but the next up supervisor.  I wanted to cancel my order with the supervisor.  He assured me that he could call me back shortly and have a number for me.

Five minutes later, on the phone he tells me they can deliver the mattresses on Saturday and when the base comes in during the week, they would come out and deliver and assemble everything.
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.jpg
Yes!  Around 10 AM this morning I will at least have a MATTRESS!  Yea! 

I am going to work on the Lorax for a bit while I wait.  And the Banned Book Challenge.  I keep changing what I want do.  There are so many good ones!  I want to be a real radical!

We went to the Farmer's Market and scored some beautiful tomatoes.  I am sending some to Fayne......don't let Carrie forget to give them to you!  No, really, they are very friendly!


  1. Amazing what threats to cancel an order will do :-) I probably would've told him to bag the whole thing and just forget it and then go to Better Business Bureau , online to their homepage and anybody else l could think of to bitch to is this a national company or a local store?

  2. Great tomatoes are finally plentiful at the Farmer's Market (the rain--as much as we need it--slowed down the crop a lot!) I picked up some this morning and am planning to make panzanella (Italian bread salad) for lunch. Yum!

    Good luck with your bed ... I had a similar adventure when I moved into this house and bought a new bed ... I finally made it happen, but it wasn't a happy story. I hope yours ends well.


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