Friday, September 5, 2014

The Drop Coth/Linen Reveal #1

OK, if you are playing this weekend and not reading my blog......haha, you will miss the first incredible reveal!

I plan on making more things with the drop cloths but here is the first one.

OK, I did mess it up a bit, but I am sure the recipient won't even  know!  Maybe you will notice, maybe not.  Let's see.......

These are the fabrics I chose.  The green is one leg of the linen pants.  The drop  cloth is ecru and the flowers are from my stash.  It is just over a yard, but I used a yard for this project.

Yes!  You can see the makings of a tote bag here!  I made the decision to let the drop cloth be the"stiff" part of the bag and not add additional fusible interfacing like I usually do.  The drop cloths come in two weights, 8 oz and 10 oz.  This one is 10 oz.  My Husqvarna machine had no problem sewing over several layers of the drop cloth which included several layers of seams.  A smaller machine may not, so be aware of that.

For this tote, I cut two 18 x 18 squares of the drop cloth fabric and then chunked out a 2.5 inch square from each of the bottom edges.   I cut the same measurements out of the flower fabric for the linings.

The drop cloth was 4 feet wide and the leftover piece was just over 10 inches.  It would make great short handles.  I cut that piece in half long wise.  I made the handles the way I make all my handles regardless of the way the pattern wants.  I fold the strip in half long wise, press.  Open it up and fold in both sides to the center mark, press.  Fold one side over the other and press again.  And top stitch down both sides.

 I wanted to use the linen pant leg for the bottom of the bag.  It really doesn't matter how tall it goes up the side, make your  own decision.  But remember that it has to cover the bottom, which is 2.5 inches on each side.  So account for that  depth before it is visible on the side of the tote.  I made two of these, one for the front and one for the back.  And you will have to chunk out the corners as well.  I used the cutouts on the bag as the guide so they would be the  same size and position.

I added a decorative strip to the linen with a strip of leftover flowers.  And I added the strip down the center front with the rest of the leftovers.

I hemmed the top of the strips by just folding them down one time and top stitching it to the bag front. I did this before I sewed the sides together.

I made the body of the bag and the lining by stitching the sides together and the bottom.  I used the finished edge of the drop cloth for the top of the bag so I did not finish the bag in the regular way.  I did sew the bottom of the lining together instead of using it to turn the bag.   The bag was finished by putting the lining inside the bag, right side visible, and turning the top of the bag down for top stitching.

I want to add some decorative stamping tomorrow.  I have several things I can use, paint markers or shiva sticks, or even some thickened procion dyes.  I will decide that tomorrow.

I did add the handles before I top stitched it all down, but I had to add them after I had pinned it all down.  It doesn't count unless I have to rip out.

I do have one glaring error.  Can you spot it?  I didn't notice it until I hung it up to photograph it!


I want to make 6 different bags for the girls who help me at the rehab center.  They are all young and cute and nice.  And there is the problm of Luke.  Luke is the director who does all the patient plans and the hands on things like bending my knee further than it wants to go.  And pushing down on my knee to get the leg straighter than it wants to go.  Both hurt....a lot.  Way lots.  

Sometimes when I leave, I say, have a great day....everyone but LUKE!

And he smiles, knowing he has done a good job for me.


  1. That is really cool! Nice tote bag, and a very thoughtful gift for your rehabbers. I'm glad to hear your knee is getting better.

  2. Awesome. Can't wait to see the stamping design. Whatever the "error" is I don't notice it. :o)

  3. Awesome! Love it!


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