Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quilting on a Baby Quilt

I am finally getting to work on a baby quilt that has been on my frame forever.  It is the one on which Carrie  wanted to do some practice long arm work.  I need to get it off the frame and put a few more things on and get some other quilts done.

She had wanted to do something different in each square, so I got my new book from and chose some designs.  At first i was apprehensive because they all looked rather complicated, but once I got working I loosened up and had fun.

I love the blue  with the Greek squares!  this would be a great all over pattern.  It can be in different sizes or staggered or both!

I only had time to do two squares because the vet called.  DiNozzo got his teeth cleaned today and I needed to pick the poor guy up.  He was still a bit out of it when I got there, and he fell asleep with his head on the front seat.  I felt sorry for him, but he got a clean bill of good dental health!

So here is what I have done so far.  Not sure you can see stitching on the lighter car fabric it is a combination of two wavy lines on the top and bottom with crescent scribbles connecting the two. 

When I get it off the frame the back will show up much better since it is an ecru with a darker thread. 

Lets see how many i can come up with and get this quilt off the frame!

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