Wednesday, October 29, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 26 - Point the Camera Up and Shoot

For the 26th week of 52 photos, we are half way through the Photo Year.  I have had a photo or two (or three) every week except for the one I was in the hospital for the knee and the resulting infection the following week. 

This week Belle wants to point the camera up and shoot what it sees.  When I read those words I thought it would be fun to randomly look up during the week and see what I saw.  So here is the first half of my week, at any rate.  and you can see what others look up to see at:

Sunday the sky was glorious.  Frank and I sat on the back patio and listened to the birds and the locust and the leaves.  While the north of the country is in cold fall mode, in the southern Louisiana Fall we are unseasonably warm, even for us.  But with the highs that pass through, pushing any late hurricane fronts out to the ocean shipping lanes, we get deliriously low humidity.

By low, I mean five points either way of 40.  We do have certainly respectful limits here, ya know.  But with that low humidity comes very clear sparkling air.  And a dry, bright beauty surrounds us.  These are my trees that canopy our back patio. As you can see, we still have a lot of leaves on the trees, they have not started to fall as of yet. 

 When I looked up on Monday, sitting on the deck (we have a series of patios and a deck) I see these guys.  They are nurseries for mud daubber wasps.  Typically these wasps do not bother anyone unless you attempt to destroy their babies.  They spend their days getting mud, chewing it, then spitting it out in these caverns.  Then they catch bugs, spiders, flies and wall them up with the wasp eggs, giving them food while they are growing up to be big wasps. 

Today, when I pointed my camera up, over my sewing machine in the studio, this is what I see.  Here in the South we have central air, which doubles as heating when it gets cooler outside.  The duct (we do actually say duck) work is in the ceilings, not the floors as I have seen in other cities in the northern climes.  And yes, we mostly have duck tape here.  And we say, "should of" rather than "should have".

There is a similar one over my computer desk in the den.  I just noticed, after 29 1/2 years in this house, that we have four of these ducts in the den!

I am not as observant as I thought I was..........


  1. Yesterday it got up to 76 degrees here. It was a freakin' beautiful day! We had the windows open and the doors propped open in the trailer so we could enjoy the sunshine and warm air. This morning it is 47 degrees, but it doesn't really feel that cold. The guys are saying a cold front is coming. I guess the chances of having a nice warm sunny day are dwindling.

  2. I LOVE your shot of the sun rays coming through the tree canopy. We have those mud dauber wasp nests in SW Texas too, so I'm familiar with them. Blessings!


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