Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Air Bag Recall, McGee and a New Quilt -- Geez!

Well it looks like my CRV is involved in that airbag recall.  I talked to my Honda guy yesterday and he is ordering me a new air bag for both the  passenger and the driver side.  I will try not to get into an accident before then.      

So Frank was in Hattiesburg yesterday.  And while I was on the phone talking to him, telling him what good dogs we have and how they were behaving nicely, McGee was doing this.

I know, I know.  I should have worked on Seuss 2.  I know...... but I didn't.  Instead I did strip sets from my scraps for Feather Bed.

Sophie made me do it because she won't send me the one she made.

I thought I had ugly scraps, but they actually look pretty good here.  Maybe this will be a great quilt......even though Sophie won't send me hers and I have to make my own. 

I also realized that I need to make more of the left side pieces.  It is OK.  That what you see there didn't even begin to touch the scraps just on my cutting desk!  I have lots more!  For a king size you need like 17,576 more!


  1. Well that should certainly make a dent in your scrap pile (mountain)! :o) Oh those doggies...don't you just love them, no matter what!

  2. sorry your honda is in the recall - I went to the web site and put in my vin number and it said no recall so we were lucky.
    bad doggies!

  3. Your scrappy featherbed is going to be great!

  4. Ps. My friend Amy had asked me about how she might make those feather blocks from scraps ... so I pointed her to your blog to check out your approach.

  5. If you needs anymore scraps just let me know. I have piles of them. Several years ago I cut and sewed a bunch for zig zag quilt blocks. I mean I made like 500 blocks and it still doesn't look like I even touched my scrap piles!


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