Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Eyes and Other Stuff

I had my eye appointment this morning and the nice doctor used a laser to blast the scar tissue that has built up behind my lens.  The lens is the one they put in after the cataract was found.  Over about a year the cloudy-ness has been building up in that eye.  I mentioned it to the doc a few times and he said it was most likely the need for some additional moisture in the eye.  I add drops to it, but the cloudy-ness stays.

I actually have 20/15 vision, but couldn't see through the cloud in one eye.

When I went to see him last month he said, not a problem, easy to fix!

the scar tissue was thicker than he thought.  I knew, I was having a difficult time seeing at night and had stopped driving at night.  And recently I was having problems driving during the day.

After the surgery, which was like the doctor was playing a video game blasting away at the outlaw cells, I could see!  I just have some huge dark floaters that should settle in a few days.  They are distracting and look like huge rats scuttling just out of my sight line.  Fun.

All the way home I kept saying, look!  I can see the words on the sign, I can see the license plates, I can see clearly!

We stopped in to see Ann's mother, who is not doing well.  She is going to be 94 in a few weeks and is in the hospital.  Please keep Ann and her family in your thoughts.

On Tuesday night in my neighborhood, about two blocks from us, this tragedy occurred.  No word on what caused it yet.  The family got out in time, thankfully,  but the house is a total loss.  Scary, it happened after 10 PM but they were alerted by a neighbor who was taking her dog out for a walk.  Frank and the Basset Boyz had passed there not 10 minutes earlier.  It is on their regular route to walk morning and night.

The world is unsettled.


  1. Here's to being able to see!

    Sending hugs to those near you who need them . . .

  2. I swear we must be sisters from another mother. I also went to the eye doctor yesterday. And I had cataract surgery A few years ago, well about ten. I also swat at those black flies that are swarming around but no one sees but me. Weird

  3. So glad your laser treatment went well! So sorry to hear about Ann's mom and the neighbor's house.


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