Wednesday, October 15, 2014

52 Photos - Orange - Gallery 24

For Gallery 24 Bella chose "orange" with a warning against pumpkins.  I walked around for two whole days wondering where in the world I was going to find orange!  Here we are in the midst of Halloween and no pumpkins on deck.

I realized at some point that the headlights on Frank's car have red sidelights, but mine has orange!  BINGO!

We are repainting the house wood, we have vinyl siding on most of it.  The front porch is in direct line of the setting sun every day.  It beats down on the wood and shutters without regard to the shadows we have attempted to throw in its way.  So we repaint often.  But this year I wanted a new door and new colors.

So here is the preparation for my new black door!  No orange there but I did snap a picture of the cactus.  He is in an orange pot.  We got this little guy when he was a wee lad and Carrie was in grammar school.  He is now a long long guy and hangs over his pot.  He lives on the front porch in conditions that resemble the desert from whence he came because we never remember to water him!

And you don't need to really wonder why he is a he and not a she, do you?

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  1. That cactus is so funny! It is like he is looking to the ground to see how far it would be if he jumped.

  2. That is a stunning new door! And that is one determined cactus! Happy week to you.

  3. I like your door a lot, it looks quite inviting. PS, I think he may be lonely!

  4. I'm loving your submissions to {orange} gallery! Thank you for sharing.


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