Monday, October 13, 2014

Design Wall Monday 10-13-14

I need to finish my Seuss 2 Quilt and get it on the long arm frame for quilting.   It was laid out on the floor, I am still working out issues with it.  Frank walked in and said how much he liked it and wanted to know  how it would look with the spikey things all around.  He loved it.  So now I am once again thinking of adding them all around.  I just need to do something with it!  You know? 

I trimmed the Lorax quilt and cut the stripes for the binding and just need to get that on and it will be done.  That one I love.  And it is nearly done.  Yes!

I have some leftover fabric I want to make a bag and maybe a diaper stacker.  Definitely the  bag.

In other things I have a Fabric group meeting on Wednesday night and the project is "A Turn of a Phrase".  I know what I want to do but finding the time will be difficult. 

Ann's mother is in the hospital and I need to be available to help when I can.  I was heading up there today but the schedules got changed.  I am hoping she is doing better and will be home soon.

I am in the planning stages of a pair of quilts for the new bed set up.  I  decided rather than one large quilt, that I would make two long quilts that are  narrow enough to fit on each side.  Maybe split the design between the two so they fit together!

Family of Centaurs fighting tigers | Roman mosaic from Hadrian's Palace C2nd A.D. | Altes Museum, BerlinI made that decision because Frank is always taking my portion of the blanket or quilt and sleeping with two on the new bed has been wonderful.  Why didn't I think of that sooner?  Duh! 

Last night he was dreaming he was a centaur in Lilliput and fighting a bad guy.  He began kicking me with his hooves and when I reached over to wake him he started fighting me with his arms.  It is more dangerous in the night than in the day! 


  1. Frank is an engineer who is probably always going to prefer symmetry to asymmetric design. If you don't want those points all around, stick with your instincts.
    There was a quilt at the guild show this weekend that was designed to be warmer on one side and lighter on the other ... to make it work on the bed of a couple that are naturally hot/cold at night. I like your idea of a pair of quilts–a diptych for your bed :-)

  2. Velcro down the middle to keep it looking like one and still becomes two when he pulls.

  3. So nice he gives you input for the quilt. At thus point though I would do whatever us easier and just get it done before you tire of it. Then on to the quilts for your bed - yahoo! It should have a vibrations theme .

  4. Who knew a spikey borders could be so design challenging? I am sure whatever you decide will be just right!


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