Thursday, October 23, 2014

Flu Shot! Louisiana Traveling Quilts! Doggy Bones! Oh My!

I need to go to Sam's for some doggy bones, we cannot be without doggy bones in this house or there will be riots!

And I have 4 (count them FOUR) Louisiana Traveling Quilts that somehow arrived at my doorstep yesterday.  I will take photos of them and post them here this afternoon.  So come back.

Yesterday we got flu shots!  We get them every year and have not had flu like symptoms for 15 years!  The shot also allows our immune system to strengthen because we do not get sick as often.   I have friends who don't  get the shot because they believe that it GIVES you the flu.  I have noticed they are often sick with the flu each year!  So if you are going to get it anyway, why not take the shot and see if you can avoid it?

The myth is that you get the flu from the shot, but you cannot as it is not a live culture.  It is made from albumen which is from eggs.  If you are allergic to eggs you can have a reaction.

this is from Time Magazine's 10 Myths about the Flu Vaccine:

MYTH - You can catch the flu from the flu shot
No, you can’t. Really. This longstanding rumor just won’t die no matter how often experts debunk it. “The flu vaccine is made with dead viral particles, and since the virus is not living, it can’t infect you,” explains Holly Phillips, M.D., a New York City internist and WCBS News medical contributor. The nasal-spray version of the vaccine, called the FluMist, (which is FDA-approved for kids and adults between ages two and 49 who are healthy and not pregnant) does contain a crippled version of live flu virus. However, it still can’t make you sick, says Dr. Phillips. This misconception may stem from the fact that it takes 2 weeks for your body to form antibodies to the vaccine and fully protect you. So if you pick up a cold or the flu before or just after rolling up your sleeve, don’t blame your runny nose and sore throat on the shot.

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