Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Photo Shoot With the Pumpkin Quilt

When I saw Mary at the quilt meeting last night with her Zombie Quilt, I realized that in another week it will be Halloween.  And that on Friday Carrie and Andrew will be moving into their new house!

It made me want to go out an do a photo shoot with my Buggy Barn Pumpkin Quilt.  So I did.

This is what happens when you put anything on the ground at my house.

McGee has a full range of activities.  He itches.

He contemplates. 

He chews and gets yelled at.

And he plays innocent angel.

The sun makes it look like the pumpkins are glowing!

The pumpkins are made from assorted oranges.  Some are shirts from the Purple Cow an some are fat quarters from long ago.

The Candy Corn Border is scraps an was actually easy to paperpiece.

I love this quilt.



  1. I bet McGee is quite the handful and keeps you busy. Love the quilt

  2. That quilt is great! The purple background and border look so good with the variety of oranges!

  3. That is a great quilt only overshadowed by the handsome McGee . I haven't heard of any more fabric chewing episodes - has he learned his lesson maybe after having his life saved so many times?

  4. This is exactly what happens at my house. Yuri is a chewer, even though he's a cat. Only difference is that he has the sense not to swallow. This is a great quilt. It does glow in the sun!


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