Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stash Report 10-12-14

I really need to figure out how to balance the color in my camera.  These really are off.  Aughhh!  Aggravating, really.

I decided that I would do the Bonnie Hunter Winter Mystery this Year.   I wanted to last year and farted around and never did.  And I loved it!  So this year I am doing it.

She gave out the fabric amounts and colors this week so I went to Lowe's this afternoon and got the paint chips she is using.  I really like the colors.  Very bright and potentially modern.

Saturday night I gathered what I had in hopes it would be a "no buying" quilt.  And I think it mostly will be so.  I may need a few more pieces of turquoise but I think I have the other colors covered.
They are based upon her visit to the Grand Hotel in the Carolinas.
The yellow, which looks like orange here, is a single fabric that is the one that ties things together.  

The ones I do not show are the very little white on black and the neutrals.  I have tons of both of those.

Greens without a yellow cast and the turquoise is also without a yellow cast. It was genius to give us the paint chip numbers.  I found it very useful to pull fabrics that were the right tones.

For the Stash Report, still using but not much this week.

I was finishing up the Dr. Seuss quilts and not working on anything more this week. 

Used this week -3
Used this month -4.83 used this year -113.33
bought this week 0
bought this month 0 bought this year 180.75
plus or minus -3
plus or minus -4.83 plus or minus 67.42


  1. I have been thinking about it, too ... the colors are similar to something I've been thinking about for a while if I swap one of them ... and I may do that and make a small version of Bonnie's quilt. I always follow along, but haven't ever made the quilt. I think this might be the year I do.

  2. I am on the fence with this mystery - I do NOT have the time to work on it (I know . . .) but I grew up in Michigan and visited Mackinac Island every summer with my family and have SEEN the Grand Hotel . . . so the emotional tug is strong (plus I like the colors). I plan to pick up the paint chip cards next time I go by Lowe's . .. time will tell.


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