Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Day Was A Mess!

She couldn't get on the lift
But at least I can vibrate my frustrations away in my newly arrived bed!!!

Today has been frustrating most of the day.  Frank went out to trim some bushes and it got the stuff together to wash the dogs.  They are pretty easy to wash, they mostly obey what I say, but I do need help holding each one while I wet, soap and rinse.

When Frank was ready, i suggested McGee first but he caught DiNozzo and we got him done.  Off he went to roll in the mud and whatever other yucky stuff he could find.

McGee was easy to catch, he is pretty much clueless.  He got bathed without a problem.  Again, the rolling in mud and crud was going on.

Chloe was the problem.  First off, she was hiding in the iron plants and we had to search for her.  It as difficult to get her out and on to the dog sacrificing bench.  She submitted to the bathing, complaining every few minutes with a menacing low level growl.  She just wanted us to know that she was not happy.

Poor baby was hurting
When I let her go to roll in the mud and crud she was hijacked by DiNozzo who thought she looked clean and sexy.  He ran at top speed across the yard and rammed into her side, rolling her about three times.

She was screaming.  I couldn't move fast enough with my leg to stop him from hitting her.  She was not walking on that front leg whe she got up.

An hour later at 11:30 we were at the vet getting x-rays.  Her shoulder bone was chipped.  Bad DiNozzo!  She is still not putting weight on it now even at 5 pm.

Then my soap dispenser stopped dispensing so we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got another.  I swear this is the last one!  I do like it though.  It is very convenient to get soap just by sticking my hand there rather than tipping the dawn bottle over.  This is the one, I know it.  And I things that this one might have gotten a bit wet.......

So between being at the vet most of the day and BBB the rest of the day.......I lost a whole day today.

But Chloe will be better in a few days.

And that is the best thing about today!


  1. Poor Chloe! I'll bet some vibrating would help her ;-)

  2. Poor Babies! (both Chloe and you.) Do you suppose DiNozzo has any idea what he's done? What brand is that soap dispenser that keeps failing? Is BBB replacing them for you ... I hope? Maybe it's time to find one somewhere else ...

    Bathing Bassetts sounds too much like herding cats. One of mine has the habit of hiding in someplace unfindable and I am always worried she's trapped outside on the roof (or worse, has jumped to the ground).

  3. I really am rolling on the floor laughing! I know your pain. We pay others to put our Basset on the "dog sacrificing bench" because I just can't stand to see him roll in mud the minute he's done.


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