Wednesday, December 10, 2014

52 photos gallery 32 RED!!

Oh, boy!  I am so on top of this RED gallery this week!  I have had a very impacting Red Moment this week.  So appropriate!

We have some red berries on the nandina bushes.  38 degrees this morning, perfect skies.  On Sunday I decided to take my stack of new quilt books and inhale them on the back patio.  The Bad Basset Boyz were running around terrorizing squirrels, or maybe it was the other way around.

Walking out to the back patio I DROP the iPad.  It just slips off the stack in my arms.  AUGGGGHHH!

I have like an acre of grass and gardens with one little flagstone path.  Yep, the iPad.  Down, down, down.  Like that proverbial slow motion moment. 

fell right on the flagstone.  it hit perfectly on the edge of the case, shattering the screen and shorting out the insides.  They could not get it back together because the case was bent to a trapezoid.

So now I have the newest iPad Air.  I really didn't want an iPad for Christmas, but I guess I got one!


  1. So sorry to hear about the iPad, but the new one is pretty!

  2. Your berries are so pretty! Enjoy your new iPad.

  3. Aww! Well, now you have anew one! Thank you for adding to gallery {red}.


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