Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusions Part 2

I now have 110 of the boogers.

It took me about two hours this morning to figure out the cutting dimensions.  Remember I am a bit smaller than the "correct" way.  I made the supreme sacrifice and gave up the opportunity to vacuum all the dog hair to work out my dimensions. 

I did 4 test failures before I came up with the correct figures to get the size I needed.

Swooze gave me the brilliant tip to do strip sets.  You are my hero Suzette!  And, I have these triangles that were the corners of the strip sets that gave me the angles I needed.

So, Patty?  Any ideas of what they might become? Some have the black stripe as the top rather than the pink.   And they are not all exactly the same size. 


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