Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Sign of Things to Come - Stash Report

Karen at Selvage Quilts posted this photo  this morning.  She asked, 2015 is here, are you looking for a sign? 

I just about died laughing!  I certainly don't need a sign to do that! 

Here is my stash report.  I have to tell you first, before you actually look at the figures, it was Ann's fault.

And Charlene twisted my arm and made me do it.

And THAT, my friends, is how it is, 28 yards later.

Used this week -1 Used this month -3.25 Used this year -3.25
Bought this week 28 Bought this month 28 Bought this year 28
Plus or minus 27 Plus or minus 24.75 Plus or minus 24.75

 PS I still need to show you some of the really fabulous things I bought!


  1. Oh you poor dear. I hope your arm doesn't hurt too much from all that twisting by Ann and Charlene! LOL That's what friends are for, right?? :) Just think of what fun you will have with all that yardage though.

  2. 28 1 yard art quilts to get back in the black!

  3. I was going to not buy any fabric and then the quilt shop in SD was having an IRS sale so I went and looked. Well, I bought some fabric, but the price was half off so how could I not buy it!

  4. You are sure to create many wonderful quilts from your purchases. Hard to resist great fabric, especially with friends helping!

  5. After three years of not buying, I've decided not to obsess about how much fabric I have. If it calls to me, I'm buying this year. Good progress, Glenda. Over three yards used. That's what counts.


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