Thursday, January 22, 2015

Impetus for Randomness

I need an impetus to finish things that no longer interest me.  In that vein, I have invented a way to make myself do them!  It will clear out about 6 UFOs.

My nephew, well actually he is my cousin.  He is the son of my favorite boy cousin and grew up calling me Aunt Glenda.  His father and I were very close all of our growing up years.

Terry loved flying.  He became a pilot and flew commercial planes rather than passenger planes.  He would qualify on bigger and bigger planes, always flying.  He went though 3 marriages but never fell out of love with the sky. 

I still miss him, he had a heart attack in the Rome airport taking possession of his next flight.  Fitting, very fitting. He was where he wanted to be.

His son lives in Colorado now.  In July Jason is getting married to Carrie who is a dentist.  Together they have 5 kids, all boys!

So I figure I can pull together 5 boy quilts and a wedding quilt for the two of them!  Isn't that a lofty goal?

Here is number 1.  The blocks are a collection of years of randomly sewing together fabric from the scraps.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I have 50 that aren't girly girly.

Here are 24 blocks together so far.  I  am probably going to have to make a few more, I think I will need 64.  Each section is 4 by 4 or 16. But if I can do 8 by 7 it would be 56.  I think 8 by 6 would be too small.

Whew -- All that math!


  1. That is a lot of math! But you've got this and you're using up scraps! Why is it that quilters are always trying to use up scraps? In any other world "scraps" are something to be thrown out. lol Your young cousins will love these quilts. If I may suggest something: use different colors for the sashing so that the boys can easily tell them apart.

    We happen to both be working on scrap quilts using this "make fabric from scraps" technique. If you find you get tired of the making the fabric part, stick larger pieces of solids in...that's what I've done and it's really fast! :-)

  2. I think of those little bits as "seeds" rather than scraps. If you think about it, seeds in fruit are the part we throw away - and that is the part that makes the new fruit... so, 'seed' blocks it is... boys love black - lookin' good. (five is a lot , good luck)

  3. I read your post with interest because I, too, need help to finish things that I've lost interest in. And ... your solution on this occasion would work for me too. Even if no one in the family knew what my plans were, I'd still find it motivating to plan to make these quilts by the date of the wedding. Hmmmm ... I'll have to think how I might go about manufacturing a similar deadline.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. I liked Mary's suggestion of using different colored sashing in each quilt. You do have your work cut out, but I believe you can do it! Just make time every day to work on it even if it is only a half hour.

  5. When is the wedding? You cam do it!


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