Friday, January 23, 2015

Randomness Top Complete

Got the blocks all together.  The blocks are 6 1/2 inches and the sashing is 2 1/2 so at 7 x  7 I used 49 of the 50 blocks.

Final dimensions are 58 x 58.  Square....harumph.

Actually I miscounted and had two left over.  No matter what I used all but about 11 blocks.

9 were more pink than anything so I can use them in a baby quilt for Carrie's friends.

If anyone ever has a girl!

I will look for a back over the weekend and get it on the long arm frame!

Good to clear out that space!  I think it looks cool!



  1. That looks like a nice sized quilt. What did the final dimensions work out to be?

  2. I am so impressed ! When you set your mind to something you really get it done. Looks really good

  3. It came out looking like cut glass thru a kaleidoscope. Count your blessings you invested in a long arm to quilt it!! I am wishing we were closer and you'd quilt some of mine too! My MIL got a long arm and never uses it, can't get the tension right. I wondered how she stands up to it as she's about 5 feet tall. I'll bet you get a lot more finished because of having it, and not facing the push and pull of a big quilt in a little machine bed.


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