Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hospital again!

still not me!  I am with Ann for the third and last step of her surgeries.  This is the day they implant the power to the electrodes.

She is in recovery then I can get her home.  In two weeks they will turn it on and her left hand will be steady.  Amazing stuff, this wire and steel.  Amazing men, these doctors.

I hope to be able to show you my two new projects, if I can get some time at home.  I feel like a huge thing has been moved off me with the 5quilts off to Colorado.  I feel FREE!!!!!

I promised myself to work on something I wanted.  I need to do a quilt for Tiger and Melissa, but I am having a time finding the Saints fabrics I need for it.

But ME for a while.

Thursday is Franks birthday, and I am sooooo excited  to give him this present!  I am pleased with my choice and can't wait for him to be as excited as I am.  He won't be, but I will be soooo excited anyway!

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  1. I hope Ann is doing well! This head cold is kicking my butt. I tried to pack a bit last night, but it was exhausting. I will be in the sky on Thursday so I will wish Frank a happy birthday today!


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