Thursday, March 26, 2015


I knew you would think it was me, but it is not!  I am here with a friend who is having surgery. Waiting, waiting, waiting.  It is a complicated thing, so we wait.

Her son was the groom at the New Orleans wedding two weeks ago, so we are talking about the fun of an old New Orleans.  And he was there watiting as well.  By 2PM she was moved to the ICU where she will stay form the night.  We got to see her briefly at 3 pm and I headed home. 

She is semi alert and doing well.  Medicine is truly amazing!  She is having electrodes implanted in her brain that will keep her hands from shaking.  And out of surgery, her left hand was steady.  amazing.

She will be home tomorrow.  Yea!


  1. You are a good friend and yes it is amazing what medicine can do . Do you bring sewing or knitting with you ? Always helps me with waiting


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