Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Have No Idea.....

what I am doing today......maybe it is all open for fun!  thank goodness for Roomba!

Here is a photo present for you!

I found this photo from 2 years ago when we went to the Farmer's Market downtown Baton Rouge.  This is called Romanesco Broccoli or Spiral Broccoli.  It is also sometimes called Cauliflower instead of Broccoli.  It is VERY interesting and very beautiful!  And it tastes just like a broccoli/cauliflower combination.


  1. We got one of these in our bountiful basket. It was really good. Had to google it to find out what it was and how to cook it.


  2. I had this interesting veggie one time at my daughter in Wisconsin - she had found it at the huge farmers market in Madison and thought to try it - we all loved it and I have never seen it since!


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