Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CAAWS T-Shirt Top Complete!

Thanks, Suzette!  Just the words I needed.

I see I didn't get the 007 Dogs from Live And Let Bark totally straight. Ahh.  Shall we chalk it up to serendipity?

It needs a border, I can pull a solid from the stash. I have some black duck type cloth from my mother which might do for an inner border.  And some more red for the outer, final border.

What kind of quilting?  Meander?  Straight line? Free Motion?

The background red is heavier than normal quilting material, sort of like a duck cloth.  It was once a set of bed skirts in a happy kids room shared with a sibling.  There were two of these hugely flounced skirts revealing yards and yards of this fabric.

A perfect fit for recycled t-shirts!

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  1. Wow you got that top together quick! It looks wonderful!


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