Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum - Old and New

I want you to go back, if you have not already done so, and read the Train Museum post.  I have gotten more emails about that one than any in a long time!  It is a fun post that will have you laughing, unless you are Frank.  Then you will be hunting me down!

We took a day trip from Denver to Golden Colorado about an hour out. 

This was the main street in Golden, CO.

The people in Colorado are so friendly.  When you put your blinker on, they back off and let you in even!  And they smile and wave!  Even n Denver, the big city,  You don't get that in Louisiana.

Here is something else you don't see in Louisiana!  Tulips in snow.

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is in Golden, right there on the main street! The first set of quilts we saw were from the late 1800's.  All the quilts had been brought into the area by other people and not made here.

 This was a quilt from c.1879.  It was different from the others in that it was cut from a piece of printed fabric. 

This is a close up of the hand work on this quilt.  Tiny tiny stitches and so even too. 

The names were embroidered on each of the crosses within this quilt.  It was definitely made by a family since many of the names were similar.

 Another name. 

This quilt looked like it could have been made today!  It is dated in 1870 and was purchased in Aurora NY.  It had been made by the seller's great-great aunt.

Here are two more old beauties.  The work is precise and wonderful.

And for the new.  Bobbi Baugh was the winner of the Rocky Mountain Quilt museum Show and won a solo exhibit at the museum for the Spring.  Her quilts showcase patterns and relationships, both human and organic.  She tells wonderful stories in her quilts. 

I have seen some of the flying houses before.  Not sure where, maybe one of the magazines.

 She does a lot of monoprinting with subjects that are found in nature and the earth.  She also has a fascination for birds, crows in particular.  She uses a gelli plate to printing on rice paper.  I need to find myself some rice paper now!  She also paints her fabrics.

 Floating down the river, this boy looks like he really belongs there.  However, f you look closely, the fish are piranhas!  Oh, oh.

 At some point I had a great shot of the grasshopper on the top of that piece with the palms just above.  Can't find it t the moment.

Tomorrow.......purple foxes!


  1. Really enjoyed the train museum post (and yes, I was laughing). Also really like the new look of your blog - easier to read with the white background. Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us!

  2. Thanks for the great pictures at the museum! I had a piece in an exhibit there a number of years ago - something about Orange was the theme. I made a piece that was exhibited. It was my salute to Cheetos!

  3. I like your new header picture!


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