Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What I Made Yesterday

I have a group that meets tonight and I needed to make a project for it.  I hate what I made.

the vision inside my head was totally different from the way it turned out.  I hate that!  My friend says, if you don't like it, keep adding to it until you do.

I did....and I still don't like it!

I got my tsukineko inks, i used the sand color.  but I have no ability to shade so it got so messed up.

I still have time to make something this afternoon, but I am bummed about it.

But on the other hand, I made purple foxes for the Rainbow Challenge.  And I love them. 

Eight Purples living alone.

Purples meeting the other foxy guys!


  1. we all have days like that, hope today is better

  2. well, the foxes are great!
    As for the other thing... I asked myself if it were mine what would I add. Were you going for anything with it, to express and idea or try a technique for instance? Did you achieve that goal? I'll email my other comments but some projects just don't work out. They don't come out like they were in your head as you say, and that is just that. Maybe we shouldn't expect them all to work out. When I did pottery I threw a lot away. When I painted I painted on the back so I wouldn't waste the paper. We expect so much from our quilting. LEeAnna

  3. hmmm, not sure exactly what bothers you, but to me, the borders are weaker than the middle of the print... I might sew a low-contrast border right over the old one with a stitch n flip technique, and then do something interesting with the texture of the border rather than using color as the expressive tool.... my two cents worth, maybe 1.5 cents !!!!

  4. I agree with Kate about the border - ditch that and it will have a whole new look .

  5. You just proved the old saying "Haste makes Waste!" My advice is to put it aside where you can see it and let it simmer. It just needs some time and loving.


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