Friday, April 3, 2015

The tale of the traveling quilts

so Monday I mailed off the 5 Colorado boys quilts.  The post office guaranteed delivery on Wednesday.

It was.

To Jason's OLD address!

Oh no!

When he informed me that he had not received the package as of 10 PM Wednesday I thought to ask about the address.  Oh no!

So this is what happened.  He calls his old landlord, asks her to call the new tenant.  They leave the box outside the door, and Jason's fiancée picks it up on the way to pick up her wedding dress.

So they have it!  Whew!!

But have not opened it up yet.  Not really sure when that will happen, but it is at least in their hands and I don't have to:

Let's say tit together...........

Make 5 more!!!!!!!!  Yes!


  1. Oh wow! Isn't it a huge worry the entire time that quilts are in transit? Smart thinking to check the old address and call the landlord.


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